Techland Finally Delivers Dying Light 2 Update

Techland have finally posted an update regarding its eagerly awaited title, Dying Light 2. The Polish company uploaded a short video reaffirming the game's existence, with more news to follow later this year. The lack of substance in the video, however, has left many fans feeling disappointed.

Techland Finally Delivers Dying Light 2 Update cover

Techland’s dev update for Dying Light 2 finally arrived on Wednesday, in the form of a short video. Last week, the game’s official social media accounts announced they had a “few words to share” regarding its development process, which fuelled the excitement within its hardcore fanbase. 

The first minute of the clip shows numerous developers reading out mean comments took from social media. The second minute, however, has a more sincere tone, with members of the team reaffirming their commitment to the project. The video closes with a few seconds of gameplay and a date of 2021, presumably the game’s launch window. 

Dying Light 2 Update - March 2021

Unfortunately for fans, there wasn’t much concrete news to report. The update’s main theme, was developers explaining the challenges of creating such an ambitious game, especially during a pandemic. Many will sympathise with the obstacles Techland have encountered. However, the company’s decision to drum up excitement, by announcing the release of this insubstantial update a week prior, seems a strange one.

Those who are eagerly awaiting the game will be getting more news later in the year. One of the developers said “we’ll be ready to start talking about Dying Light 2, very, very soon”. The positive though, is that the team is taking its time to deliver the best possible product they can. 

Dying Light 2 - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

More concerning, however, was Techland’s refusal to address the recent, damning report regarding its studio’s culture, which has been the main talking point surrounding the game in recent months, and will continue to plague it if not properly tackled.

We haven’t seen the game in action properly since August 2019, so hopefully 2021 will bring more positive news concerning both Techland and its new title. The game missed its original release window of Spring 2020, and was indefinitely delayed earlier this year.

Dying Light 2 is scheduled to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam. There is currently no official word on versions coming to the Xbox Series X/S or PS5. 

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