Team Racing League coming soon to Steam Early Access

Gamious announces first-ever team-based racing game. Exclusive alpha sign up at the official website.

Team Racing League coming soon to Steam Early Access
Haarlem, The Netherlands – 9 Nov 2016 – Gamious, the creators of Turmoil, today announced Team Racing League, the first-ever racing game where you win and lose as a team. The game will go into Steam Early Access soon, and players can already sign up for the exclusive closed alpha at the official website.

The teaser trailer for Team Racing League:

In Team Racing League, players compete in an online 3v3 race where skill, strategy and collaboration are key to victory. Team up, strategize and use tactics to disrupt and beat the opposing team in an MOBA-like clash!

Alpha sign-up starts today at the official website . Invited players will be the first to race competitively against other teams. To celebrate their new game, Gamious will host a special #BetterWith3 competition. Win a Steam Machine by demonstrating a team-based experience of any kind that is more fun with 3 people.

“This is our most ambitious project to date,” says Jos Bouman, Creative Director at Gamious. “We feel the time is right for a team-based racing game. It keeps racing exciting for all players from start to finish. Even if you mess up the first corners, you can still help your team cross the finish line first. From cutting off your opponents and setting up roadblocks, to connecting with your teammate for speed boosts or extended roadblocks. We’re looking forward to the Early Access stage being as successful as the one we had with Turmoil”. 

Gamious started developing Team Racing League after being inspired by retro arcade racing games like Super Off Road, Micro Machines and Rock and Roll Racing. During the game, the entire track and all racers are visible in a top-down view, and the mid-poly atmosphere is enhanced by an 80's style synthesizer soundtrack and palpable sound effects.

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