Team Asobi Is Now Under the PlayStation Studios Umbrella

Announced today, Japan-based studio Team Asobi is joining PlayStation Studios. The company has made a name for itself from the PSVR game Astro Bot Rescue Mission and the free PS5 exclusive Astro's Playroom. It will be expanding with new developers joining the team to continue making "colorful games for all ages."

Team Asobi Is Now Under the PlayStation Studios Umbrella

The studio behind the cute platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom, Team Asobi, is under the PlayStation Studios umbrella. The announcement comes from a post on the PlayStation Blog from Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios.

In the Q&A on the blog, Hulst went into how Japan will remain an integral part of the company. With that, he used Team Asobi as a prime example.

Later, a separate post from the studio director of the company Nicolas Doucet went into details about the studio and its future.

“While we are growing and challenging bigger things, our mission at heart remains the same as ever: bring you PlayStation magic, innovation and put smiles on your faces with fun, colorful games for all ages.”

The last five words really speak volumes as the developers have made themselves a name within the PlayStation brand between the 2018 PSVR game and the recent PS5 release that are both family-friendly and colorful.

With its growth, the Japanese-based company is bringing in new talent from all over the world. People from England, Germany, France, Scotland, Korea, Spain, and Colombia will set off to Tokyo to join the rest of the team. To Doucet, it is so the team can develop games that are “universal.” He also showed off the company’s new logo.

A fitting logo for the studio

A fitting logo for the studio

He does hint that the team will further its experimentation with the DualSense controller, as they did with Astro’s Playroom, which comes for free for all PS5 owners. The exclusive platformer showed off the adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and even how you can blow into the microphone for certain actions. We will have to wait and see how they will grow the controller’s capabilities in the future.

Both entries in the Astro franchise have been huge hits. Astro Bot Rescue Mission went off to win Best VR/AR Game at The Game Awards in 2018. The VR title also scored a 90 on Metacritic. Despite being a free game, Astro’s Playroom has an 83 on Metacritic. In our own review, it received an 8.5, with one of the few issues was that the experience was too short.

Astro's Playroom - Gameplay Trailer l PS5

What do you think about Team Asobi joining PlayStation Studios? Let us know in the comments.

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