Tattoo Punk Announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam

Ink your way through a cyberpunk future in Tattoo Punk. Announced for the Nintendo Switch and Steam, the game’s announcement trailer provides an overview of the game. Available to wishlist on Steam now, Tattoo Punk’s release date is expected to be announced soon.

Tattoo Punk Announced for Nintendo Switch and Steam

Prepare to unleash your inner tattoo artist in Tattoo Punk. Announced for both Nintendo Switch and Steam today, the upcoming game from Cyber Rain Games puts players in the year 2100 to manage clients and find your own style. 

Tattoo Punk is described as a story-driven “tattoo salon management game” and its first trailer can be seen below. The trailer gives an overview of the vibe Cyber Rain Games is going for with their unique management sim. Placing a lot of emphasis on crafting your own tattoo designs in a world where arms can sometimes be cybernetic, it showcases a lot of detail in the crafting of your tattoo design. But there is also the promise to go beyond the tattoo studio itself. Players can foster relationships with clients, keep their business popular, and carve their own niche pocket in the world.

In the game, players take on the role of Henry, a tattoo artist trying to navigate a city overrun by mafia rivalries while keeping his business afloat. A single father, Henry must find an equilibrium between his duty as a father and keeping his tattoo parlor raking in the cash. To do so, Tattoo Punk lets players choose their own prices for the work they do and keep the loyal customers coming back.

The idea of managing your own tattoo studio in a futuristic, cyberpunk world while also juggling your relationships with clients and your son sounds like a refreshing take on the management sim genre. The seeds of story already there promises an interesting atmosphere set in the dying throes of a capitalist world.

Tattoo Punk is currently still in development with no release date announced yet, but it is already available to add to your wishlist on Steam. Other platforms are currently in talks, but for now the game is expected to release only on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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