Take Two Registers Red Dead Online Websites

After some cryptic teasing, Take Two, Rockstar's Publisher, has registered two sites that reference Red Dead Online. Is the next biggest wild western game going multiplayer? Lets find out!

Take Two Registers Red Dead Online Websites
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you'll know all about Rockstar's cryptic teasing of their next project, a continuation of the Red Dead franchise.

There have already been many questions about the critically acclaimed studio's latest venture back into the Wild West. Is it a Sequel? Prequel? When? Where? Will it have multiplayer? Well, it seems we might have our answer for the final question.

Earlier today, Take Two, the publisher for Rockstar's titles, secured two domain names. One is under the name of RedDeadOnline.com and the other RedDead.online. This information is extremely interesting, and almost confirms that the next Red Dead title, regardless of setting, will have an online mode. It could be claimed that these pages could just be pre-emptive domain claiming for the next title, and have no bearing on online capability, however, Rockstar traditionally hosts their game-specific sites on their own official website, whereas hubs for the online mode of their other games are held under different domain names.

With this new information, no doubt the hype train for the next installment in the Red Dead franchise will continue to grow, all we can hope is that Rockstar do as good a job here as they always do.

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