Take-Two Is Happy With A Future Of Micro-Transactions

Take-Two CEO is happy with the digital revenue coming from the already released games such as GTA V. As a result, he downplays the significance of not releasing further big games this year like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Take-Two Is Happy With A Future Of Micro-Transactions
Hot off the heels of the disappointing news of Red Dead Redemption 2's delay as well as the confirmation from Take-Two that no new games will be shown at E3 this year either, comes a very interesting statement from said company. CEO Strauss Zelnick is happy to report that digital revenue is driving big profits home the when he says,

Now we have an opportunity to focus on catalogue and focus on recurring consumer spending…We start by trying to delight consumers, so the question is can we build that engagement, and if we can, that engagement will translate into economics.

The CEO of company behind the Grand Theft Auto series put these words further into context by speaking of the revenue still coming from GTA V,

What's driving this is that consumers love this title and want more of it.

As seen with the above statements, it's clear that Take-Two is not worried about their financial gains this year even though they will not release any new game other than their annual sports ones. They believe strongly in the service-based games model that Xbox boss Phil Spencer was talking about a few weeks ago. As a result, companies like these may decrease game development by focusing and maximizing profits from the biggest releases of the year. Follow the link below to get other interesting details regarding how Take-Two's digital revenue is keeping them strong throughout the year.

What do our readers think? Do you like Take-Two's approach or would you rather less dlc and more games throughout the year. Let us know below as always.


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    You bet! It’s crazy how much DLC the game has and how it all continues to sell like hot cakes. Take-Two is really set for life with Grand Theft Auto.

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    Those shark cards money DLC must be more popular than I thought.


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