Take to the Stars in Upcoming City-Builder, Starport Delta

Build to your heart's content in the new space-themed city-builder, Starport Delta. Construct and maintain a magnificent base, tend to your residents to ensure their well-being, and watch out for the alien pirates and terrifying beasts looking for chances to attack.

Take to the Stars in Upcoming City-Builder, Starport Delta

Starport Delta is a city-builder in space, where players are tasked with building a spectacular space station, searching for resources, tending to the needs of their residents, and fending off the dangers that lie in wait in the vast expanse of space.


Space Dangers: While maintaining your space station and keeping your residents happy, you will also have to fend off alien pirates looking for materials to steal, and giant space worms looking for their next snack. As well as defending your station against these fearsome foes, you will have stellar storms, radiation bursts and meteor strikes to deal with.

Engaging Campaign: Starport Delta features an interesting campaign in which, as an important troubleshooter for the Empire, you will hop from station to station and system to system to fix each station and get it up and running again.

Galactic Sandbox: Let your imagination run wild with each new station you take on. Whether it is personal designs, the happiness of the station’s residents, money, or resources, the sandbox feature will enable you to play out each of your aims.

Unique Upgrades: Station upgrades happen through bringing similar items together. For example, grouping three power plants increases the power supply and structural stability. There are a mix of different upgrades to play around with, so it is up to the player which ones they combine and which unique upgrades they get.

Starport Delta will be available on PC (Steam) on 27 March 2020.

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