Take Time Travel to New Heights in Upcoming RPG, The Waylanders

A new fantasy RPG is on its way, taking us between the Celtic and Medieval eras. Join the war in the Celtic era as the divided land battles with its neighbours, and take to the Medieval towns and cities in search of your reincarnated friends and allies.

Take Time Travel to New Heights in Upcoming RPG, The Waylanders

This year, Gato Studio is set to release their fantasy RPG, The Waylanders, an adventure inspired by award-winning franchises like Dragon Age and Baldur’s Gate. Following the legends surrounding Celtic mythology, the story takes us between two key time periods: the Celtic and the Medieval. While we travel to the Medieval era to find our immortal allies and reincarnated friends, the war back home continues. 

Where are your immortal allies now, and what has become of the souls of your mortal friends, reincarnated? Could the corrupt magicks that interfered during your meeting with the Tuatha have led to the destruction of all the Celtic world held dear? Or was a larger force of politics and religion at fault- or, perhaps, to thank for the changes the world has experienced?


After a meeting between the Celts and their gods took a turn for the worst, catastrophe stuck. Loyalties divide the land as two contenders make their claim to the throne: one an unfit and yet rightful heir, and the other a logical, pragmatic general. We play as a character, who during that fateful meeting with the gods, found themselves untethered from time. With the ability to travel between the Celtic era and the Medieval streets, we must search for our immortal allies and reincarnated friends. All the while, back home, the land tears itself apart. 

Travel between the Celtic era and Medieval era with your companions.

Travel between the Celtic era and Medieval era with your companions.


Time Travel: Travel between the Celtic and Medieval eras to find your friends, and decide who to support in their bid for the throne.

Music: The music for The Waylanders is composed by the award-winning composer of Fallout’s main theme, Inon Zur.

Multiple Endings: The choices you make in each time period will have consequences on the other, leading to multiple endings depending on the decisions you make.

Gameplay: The gameplay for The Waylanders contains tactical combat and innovative strategies to help you defeat your enemies.

Character Customisation: With six basic classes, thirty advanced classes, and five playable races developed from Celtic mythology to shape your character’s origins, you’re spoilt for choice.

Companions: On your journey, you will have numerous companions to choose from, with interaction options to learn about their pasts, play loyalty missions, and even romance them. Background information on companions Brigg, Khaldun, Delba, Heraklios, Rea, Trasté, Mal and Amergin have been revealed. Along with this, we also have information on key characters, Tarlock and Nazhedja.

The Waylanders: Official Cinematic Trailer - Gamescom 2019

The Waylanders will be available on PC (Steam) this year.

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