System Shock 3 Development Still Happening Despite Layoffs

System Shock 3 was seemingly left for dead just two months ago after much of the development team at Otherside Entertainment was laid off. But, apparently System Shock 3 development is still happening remotely according to a team member at Otherside Entertainment.

System Shock 3 Development Still Happening Despite Layoffs

According to System Shock 3 developer Otherside Entertainment, the sci-fi action-RPG is still in development. This comes on the heels of a report in February that everyone on the development team for System Shock 3 lost their jobs. Contrary to that report, Walter Somol, VP of Marketing and Business Development, posted on an Otherside Entertainment forum that the team is working on the title remotely. The post noted that the game will be running in Unreal Engine 4 with a “distinctive art style”. A gameplay teaser for System Shock 3 released last September, giving players an idea of what they’re in for with the new title.

System Shock 3 Pre Alpha Gameplay Teaser 1080p

The original System Shock released in 1994 for PC and was developed by LookingGlass Technologies. One of the key developers of the first game, Warren Spector, will be working on the latest installment. System Shock 2 was also developed by LookingGlass with help from Ken Levine and his studio, Irrational Games. System Shock 2 remains a cult-classic PC game to this day, and inspired games like Bioshock and Deus Ex. In addition, the System Shock series set the stage for more story-based action games like Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid.

With System Shock 3, it appears that the long wait for a non-spiritual successor to System Shock 2 is ending. For fans of the the sci-fi shooter, the opportunity to battle evil AI SHODAN again will be worth the wait. 

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