Switch Online NES & SNES Update Brings 5 New Games

Nintendo has announced five new games will come in a Switch Online NES & SNES Update next week, hitting a new milestone. With four new SNES titles and one lone NES game joining the service's library, it will now have over 100 retro titles to choose from in all across both retro console apps.

5 New Games Coming in Switch Online NES & SNES Update

Nintendo has released a trailer showing off five new games that will be arriving in a Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES Update next week. This latest handful of new games will mark a milestone for the service, as it will then have a triple-digit total of 104 retro games in all. This will happen on May 26th, when the update launches.

The upcoming Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES Update will expand the service’s retro games library with four new 16-bit titles and a single, lonely 8-bit era game. The SNES app will welcome Caveman Ninja (aka Joe & Mac), Magical Drop2, Spanky’s Quest, and Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. Meanwhile, the NES app will add Ninja JaJaMaru-kun to its library.

NES & Super NES - May 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online


The New Switch Online SNES Games

There are quite a few SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online these days. While the new games in the incoming Nintendo Switch Online NES & SNES Update may not be among the best, here is a little bit about each of them:

Caveman Ninja (also known as Joe & Mac)

In this action game from 1991, Joe and Mac are cave dudes who must rescue the lost cave-dudettes. Life was cool for this pair of dudes, until that day some Neanderthal nerds ruined everything! Can Joe & Mac succeed in their quest to rescue the cave-dudettes?

Magical Drop2

This is a puzzle game that launched in 1996, though it never got an English release. Drops descend from above, which you can catch and throw. The goal is to make vertical lines. Connecting three of the same color clears all connected drops.

Taking on a dinosaur in Caveman Ninja.

Taking on a dinosaur in Caveman Ninja.

Spanky’s Quest

Minding his own business, Spanky was heading to a picnic. Suddenly Morticia started dropping bricks from the sky! Spanky found himself trapped with six towers now erected in the world. His only choice is to clear them all while being pursued by the witch’s evil pet crow.

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

This baseball game is about high intensity, super-human spectacles. Make use of Ultra Plays like Phantom Ball and Meteor Hit. The former makes the ball disappear mid-pitch, while the latter will knock out fielders that touch it before it bounces. The game has multiplayer options, 18 different teams, and players can create their own original team.

The New Upcoming NES Game

Ninja JaJaMaru-kun

Step into the shoes of a ninja to rescue the Princess Sakura, who has unfortunately been captured. That happens to princesses a lot in video games, doesn’t it? This action game was originally released in Japan.

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