Switch Might Be Getting Xbox Game Pass

With Microsoft pushing the Xbox brand to new areas in gaming, could we see what was once an unlikely scenario come to fruition. As Microsoft looks to broaden its outlook on the video game industry with the bold move to include Xbox Live on competing hardware, Nintendo might also be hopping on board Microsoft's GaaS market with the implementation of Game Pass on the Switch.

Switch Might Be Getting Xbox Game Pass
The doors between console rivalries continue to swing shut as recent details of Xbox Live heading over to other gaming devices, most notabley the Switch, continue to heat up. Within the same vein as this exciting news, a leak from Direct-Feed Games also points out the possibility of Microsoft exclusive titles making their way to Nintendo's hybrid console via Xbox Game Pass.

While the Switch hardware specs don't necessarily meet the qualifications of most Xbox titles found on Game Pass, the future of streaming would assure Switch owners able get their hands on any of these titles. And though the streaming feature is indeed exciting for anyone doubting the power fo the Switch, direct ports of Microsoft exclusive titles are also reported on being in the works.

Titles such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Super Lucky's Tale ( or dare I say, Crackdown 3) could easily find their way over to the Switch as downloadable ports. However, getting Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4 to run on the ill-fitted Switch console would be near impossible without the use of dedicated streaming servers.

This wouldn't be the first time the Switch has utilized streaming to run over-powered titles, however. In Japan, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey offers a streaming variant available for the Switch and is reported to run rather impressively on Nintendo's hybrid console.

The Switch would reportedly utilize Microsoft's own Project xCloud streaming service to allow Xbox titles to run smoothly on the Switch. While this is all just sitting as rumors for now, stay tuned for more on the possible collaboration between Xbox and the Switch.

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