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Swashbuckling RPG Greedfall Gets Release Date & Trailer

Focus Home Interactive & developer Spiders have revealed the release date of their next big RPG. Greedfall places you in a fantasy version of the 17th century, on the paradise-like island of Teer Fardee. The game, which was previously to be released in 2018, will now release on September 10th, 2019.
Swashbuckling RPG Greedfall Gets Release Date & Trailer

Swashbuckling RPG Greedfall Gets Release Date & Trailer

Development studios Spiders and Publisher Focus Home Interactive, the team behind the 2016 Mars-based RPG The Technomancer, have revealed the release date for their next game. Greedfall is a historical/fantasy RPG, set in the 17th century. The trailer highlights some of the things you can expect to encounter in this swashbuckling fantasy adventure.

Greedfall mixes history & fantasy, borrowing from the very real colonisation of the Americas. Giving it a fantasy twist, it adds monsters and magic into the equation. The trailer, although brief, gives us a look at character customisation (which looks extensive), factions, romance possibilities & a little bit of background on your pirate adventure. 


Greedfall – The game is set on the fantastical island of Teer Fardee.

We were impressed with Spider’s last game, The Technomancer; calling it a “solid game” that could “feel a little slow” in our review. Greedfall is shaping up to be another engaging RPG experience from the developer; full of magical creatures, intriguing characters and an interesting story.

GreedFall - Release Date Announcement

If Greedfall sounds like your cup of rum, you haven’t long to wait. The game will release on September 10th and can currently be pre-ordered on Steam. PS4 & Xbox One versions will also be available at some point.

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