Surgeon Simulator CPR Coming to Nintendo Switch This Autumn

Squeamish beware: the game which, against all known logic, puts you in front of the operating table in charge of life-saving operations is heading to the Switch later this year—and this time, you can share the responsibility for the ensuing catastrophes with a friend.

Hide the Tools, Nurse: Surgeon Simulator CPR Coming to Nintendo Switch This Autumn.
It’s reasonable to assume that most of us don’t relish the thought of having surgery. The most scared among us probably wouldn’t have been all that reassured by the release of Surgeon Simulator in 2013, the perfect game for demonstrating that even a blind-drunk doctor with a nervous tic would be more apt than ourselves at performing a life-saving operation on an unconscious patient. Five years on, it’s still the best way of reaffirming your unsuitability for a career in the medical profession. However, one platform has yet to accommodate the surgeons from hell- but there’s great news for Nintendo fans.

This autumn, Switch users will have the chance to display their ineptitude once again in Surgeon Simulator CPR, releasing this autumn to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Bosa Studios’ bizarre creation. It features all previous content available on other platforms, including the A&E and Alien Surgery additions, but there’s a bonus. Not only can you accidentally throw somebody’s spleen across the operating theatre while commuting on a bus- you can do it with a friend. Against everyone’s better judgement, the hospital has hired yet another incompetent surgeon who can assist- or, more likely, hamper- the delicate practice of saving patients’ lives in a drop-in, drop-out co-operative mode which is sure to provide more chaotic entertainment than releasing a litter of springer spaniels into a classroom full of equally hyperactive children.

The game also includes HD rumble support and motion controls; the port will utilise all the best features of the Switch to create what promises to be a potentially hilarious co-operative experience. I can already picture playing catch with a heart. In a way, it seems the perfect platform, especially for those for whom VR is a queasy experience- though probably not as nauseating as the patients whose bodies you end up mutilating despite your best efforts. Bosa has yet to announce the exact release date of Surgeon Simulator CPR, but we’ll certainly see it in stores in time for some Christmas Day fun. Until then, there’s still the PC, PS4 and mobile versions to entertain ourselves with in the meantime.

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