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Superhot VR is available for Oculus Rift

SUPERHOT VR with Oculus Touch Available Today. Make sure not to miss this indie hit.

Superhot VR is available for Oculus Rift
After years of experiments and iterations, the team behind the critically acclaimed, violently beautiful time-bending shooter SUPERHOT is ready to unveil its newest creation. SUPERHOT VR is a title reimagined and redesigned from the ground up for VR and hand-tracking controllers. The fruit of super close cooperation between SUPERHOT and Oculus, SUPERHOT VR is releasing with Oculus Touch controllers and is available for purchase today!

The release trailer for SUPERHOT VR:

SUPERHOT VR Release Trailer

SUPERHOT VR is a complete and standalone experience. Apart from the cinematic beauty of enemies driven and falling apart right in front of you in slow motion, SUPERHOT VR also boasts:

– Over 75 unforgivingly tough, physically exhilarating action sequences
– 26 unique locations designed and fine-tuned for VR from the ground up
– Hundreds of red crystal enemies to murder in viscerally brutal fun by smashing, shooting and slicing through them in bulk
– Free arcade mode and challenge update coming in early 2017 for you to play SUPERHOT VR FOREVER
SUPERHOT VR is available to buy directly on Oculus Home or as part of the Oculus Touch game bundle.  

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