Super Smash Bros confirmed for Nintendo Switch in 2018

Super Smash Bros is the critically acclaimed fighting series by Nintendo featuring notable characters from the gaming stratosphere. This hyped series has gotten its confirmation for release on the Nintendo Switch some time this year, as well as the Inklings as playable characters.

Super Smash Bros confirmed for Nintendo Switch 2018
The Nintendo direct just released some hot news and the hottest of all was the fiery cross in a ball symbolising the Smash logo. Super Smash Bros puts a Nintendo-like spin on classic fighting gameplay and brings an A-list roster of all-star characters from their own property to some of the best gaming has to offer.

New to the roster are the Inklings, from one of their newest first party IPs, Splatoon. These ink spraying hybrids make a welcome addition to the ever-growing roster, hopefully offering unique and fun ways to play. They were a shoe-in but now they're here, we're still shocked anyway.

This series has become a huge hype train, known to sell systems better than most other Nintendo properties. Being able to play this on the go will be a huge plus to those who were limited by the Wii U's home console status.

We look forward to more info on Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch.

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