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Super Phantom Cat Jumps to Nintendo Switch this March

The mobile app that is Super Phantom Cat is making a jump to a console. On March 21, the "catformer" game will be launched on Nintendo Switch. It's a wacky cat adventure waiting to happen.
Super Phantom Cat Jumps to Nintendo Switch this March

Super Phantom Cat, a retro-casual 2D platformer app that has become known as a "catformer" by fans will be launching on Nintendo Switch. The retro-casual app inspired by the old time 8 and 16-bit classics such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, and Sonic The Hedgehog is set to release worldwide on March 21.

For those who aren't familiar with the game, it's a quirky work that's got colorful environments and countless obstacles that will have players thinking on their feet. There's even a story to enjoy involving the mystery of a kidnapped sister named Ina.

In the game, there are 35 levels to go through with a variety of environments including a forest, meadow, lakeside, underwater, desert and even trains. With each level, there's a progress bar to build up and plenty of hidden content to go through. From collecting coins to brewing potions and other activities, there's plenty to do in each level.

If it's action that you're looking for, you can get skills by tossing seeds and seeing what sprouts from them. A player could get a skill to freeze enemies and use them as traps or get a teleportation skill though it may land them somewhere unfamiliar.

Other activities to enjoy in the game include ice skating, finding different easter eggs, unlocking and collecting different skins and more. There are even a backward walking cat and rapping bear that you can look for in the game.

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