Super Nintendo World – New Details Revealed

Nintendo revealed new details for their upcoming theme park experience in Universal Super Nintendo World which will be available first to Universal Japan in 2020.

Super Nintendo World - New Details Revealed
Many new details were revealed for Nintendo's upcoming theme park experience in Universal such as the official name, when, and where it will finally be available for us to enjoy, and new concept art.

Nintendo has finally revealed as to what their new theme park experience will be called Super Nintendo World and will be first available to Universal Japan in 2020 in time for the Summer Olympics in Japan. There unfortunately isn't any details as for when it will be coming to Universal Hollywood, or Universal Studios, however they did say that more details were to come at a much later date.

Super Nintendo World like other theme parks will host state of the art attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping and will feature characters from "Nintendo's most popular characters and games. I'm very excited to see more details, but we kinda already knew that this was what they were going to do. What I want to know is what experiences will we get from those franchises.  

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