Super Nintendo World getting Donkey Kong themed expansion

Super Nintendo World will be adding Donkey Kong to their existing theme park, with a roller coaster, interactive experiences, and themed merchandising and foods all based around the iconic jungle-dwelling ape. The new addition is expected to open in 2024.

Super Nintendo World has been open for roughly six months, and plans are already set in motion to expand this attraction with the addition of Donkey Kong. Super Nintendo World opened earlier this year on March 18, as a part of Universal Studios Japan. The video game theme park features an abundance of attractions from the world of Super Mario, Nintendo’s most iconic mascot.

Patrons of the theme park can enter the world through the famous green pipes seen in many Mario titles, which leads to Peach’s castle, which then takes them through to the full park. Throughout this park, guests will hear the classic sounds from Mario games such as the coin collection jingle, the theme park to Super Mario Bros., the grunt of Thwomps as they come crashing down, and much more. 

Now, Nintendo is extending past Super Mario and will be introducing the world to his sometimes ally, sometimes adversary, Donkey Kong. This means that an entirely new area will be added to the existing park, all themed around the classic vine-swinging, barrel-throwing, banana-loving ape. Not many details have been given, but Nintendo has confirmed that this new zone will feature a roller coaster, as well as interactive experiences and DK-themed merchandising and food. The new addition to Super Nintendo World is expected to open in 2024. 

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