Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Sega Legends Detailed

Sega is now putting the Banana Mania Sega Legends DLC Pack in the spotlight. Play as three different retro consoles just because you can. Plus, Monster Rancher's Suezo, and rotten bananas are now coming to the game, too. Sega is packing in plenty of goodies and nostalgia.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Sega Legends Detailed

This week, Sega is detailing the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania – Sega Legends Pack. To that end, they dropped another new trailer, of course. This paid DLC pack is also part of the deluxe edition. As you can see, it lets you play as three different retro consoles: a Game Gear, a Saturn, and a Dreamcast. This silly trio will be available when the game launches on October 5th.

Prior to the Banana Mania Sega Legends DLC trailer, two more paid DLC characters were revealed last week. Shortly after the announcement of Hello Kitty, they announced Monster Rancher’s Suezo. Unlike the former, the latter will not be available at launch. Suezo will instead release on October 19th, followed by Morgana on November 2nd.

These last two DLC characters are pretty random. Then again, so was Yakuza’s Kazuma Kiryu. Prior to that we had Sonic & Tails, plus Beat from Jet Set Radio. These last four differ, as they are free characters unlocked through normal gameplay. Meanwhile, the others are about $4.99 each.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania | Suezo Joins the Gang

Other Banana Mania Details

Sega has been tweeting other details about the game on the official Super Monkey Ball Twitter account. One post says the game no longer has an extra life system to make it less frustrating. Instead, bananas are now used to help unlock content. However, Original Stage Mode includes 23 stages with the original difficulty they had in 2001 and 2002. They were presumably modified in the main game to make them more manageable.

Plus, this mode is unlocked free through normal gameplay. Likewise, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania‘s DX Mode is also an in-game unlockable. It includes 46 stages from Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. Between the Banana Mania Sega Legends DLC Pack and many retro touches, there is plenty of nostalgia for longtime fans.

However, there are also some new surprises. Dark Banana Mode is one that turns your banana-collecting instincts against you. It pits you against 10 stages where you must avoid the rotten bananas. Additionally, they’ve also added a new mode in the pause menu: Photo Mode. It allows you to add effects and frames to your screenshots as well. There are also unlockable render modes, like sepia and monochrome.

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