Super Meat Boy Forever Release Date Update

It has been over eight years since the original Super Meat Boy leaped and slid into our collective hearts. The infuriating difficulty mixed with the super tight controls made a game that you just had to play. Can the sequel keep things as interesting? We don't have much longer to wait to find out.

Super Meat Boy Forever Release Date Update
As of the 8th of December, we have an update for the release schedule of Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to 2008's best and most challenging meat-based puzzle platformer.

Directly from the Twitter of Team Meat themselves, we have:

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming April 2019 for Switch, Epic Games Store, Xbox One and Playstation 4!! Spread the word!   #SuperMeatBoyForever.

 What isn't made clear however is the exact date in April, but I am happy enough just knowing it is that soon.

Super Meat Boy Forever - Trailer 1

We also know that for the first year of the game's release Super Meat Boy Forever on PC will be exclusive to the new Epic Games Store before coming to Steam in 2020.

For more information and the answer to some frequently asked questions jump on over to the official Super Meat Boy Forever website and have a look around. It's fair to say your April just got a lot meatier.

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