Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Art Revealed And More

Super Mario Odyssey is getting closer and closer and more things are slowly being revealed. Today the box arts of the three launch amiibo were revealed. Some fans have spotted some surprising secrets!

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Box Art Revealed And More
Nintendo just revealed the box art for the Super Mario Odyssey
amiibo on their official Sweden website, which will launch with the game on October 27th!

Here's a peek at the 3-pack version.

And here are the individual versions.

There aren't many further details other than that, but their function so far will at least give you a special wedding suit in-game with more. They haven't specified which versions of the amiibo will be coming to each region yet but it seems like most places will get the singular versions and certain regions will get a 3-pack version.

The boxes and amiibo themselves of Wedding Mario, Peach, and Bowser look stunning and are definitely welcome to the amiibo lineup. Sadly the earlier revealed Goomba and Koopa seem to be coming at a later date and as apart of the separate Super Mario series line, but we'll be learning more about those later.

Interesting enough, some fans have spotted out that on the maps of these boxes that there are three brand new unannounced Kingdoms coming to the game, which includes the return of the Mushroom Kingdom as well as Snow and Lake Kingdoms! These could just be for show, but if these are available in the full game then that's definitely something to get excited for!

Will you be picking these up along with the game come October 27? Let us know in the comments below!

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