Super Mario Maker 3DS Gets New Trailer

Ahead of the release of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, the Japanese video game company has released a trailer that shows off more moving parts than a Transformer. A port of one of the highest selling games of the Wii U, it retains many of the original’s features, as well as a new character or two to guide all your birdbrain ideas.

Super Mario Maker 3DS Gets New Trailer
Fledgling level designers and veteran platformer creators, get ready to scratch that itch one more time – on December 2nd Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS releases worldwide. As seen in the trailer below, players can put together their own Super Mario courses with an awe-inspiring level of freedom and customizability. Courses can then be shared with friends through local wireless, or with total strangers via. Streetpass. But, if you’re not one for preparing and sharing levels, there’s the 100 Mario Challenge whichl have you take on a selection from the thousands of compatible courses created on the Wii U version. Frankly, if Princess Peach is still in another castle, I don’t think Mario is going to find her anytime soon.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS - Overview Trailer

New to the 3DS version is Yamamura’s Lessons, a series of tutorials to help players learn how to use the various course construction elements to make amazing Mario levels. It’s run by a pigeon. A pigeon with a Mario logo on its chest. And a receptionist-type lady with a headset called, “Mary O”. We know. What could be the weirdest animal-human pairing since Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Elise from Sonic 2006, or Hong Kong Phooey and the Operator woman, is now Nintendo canon.

But if you can ignore wondering what Mary O. could possibly need with a headpiece, you may be able to enjoy the 100 new, zany courses that are playable straight out of the box. Those courses contain 2 challenges like ‘collect every coin’ or ‘reach the goal in a time limit’. Completing them earns special medals, used to unlock even more things to use for inventive course designs. Who said Mario on a handheld needed to be simple?

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS comes out on December 2nd.

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