Super Mario Kart Tour Begins Today

As part of Mario’s 35th anniversary celebrations, the Super Mario Kart Tour event takes the popular mobile kart-racing game back to the series’ pixelated roots. With new characters and karts, this special nostalgia-fuelled event begins today and will run until September 22nd.

Super Mario Kart Tour Begins Today Cover

Mario Kart Tour was briefly shown during the Mario 35th Anniversary Direct last week, in which 16-bit sprite versions of Mario and Donkey Kong Jr. were shown off in all their glory. These iconic character models were directly inspired by their look in the original Super Mario Kart, released in 1992. And from today until the 22nd of September, they can be used in the game as part of the Super Mario Kart Tour event.

In addition, the pixelated Mario will be driving in an 8-bit Pipe Frame Kart, which is a slightly odd title given its look is based on 16-bit designs. Apparently, these new set of wheels will also handle more in line with the feel of past Mario Kart games, according to Nintendo.

All of this is in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary, which will be running throughout the remainder of 2020 into the early months of next year. New games, merchandise, and crossover DLC will all be used as a way to acknowledge the incredible legacy of the red plumber’s last three and a half decades being the face of gaming. Some of the highlights include Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the Super Mario Bros. version of the Game & Watch. The Super Mario Kart Tour event beings today and will be going for the next fortnight until September 22nd.

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