Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission coming April 5th

Western Dragon Ball fans that missed out on playing previous Dragon Ball Heroes games, finally can get their turn! Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will not only be coming to the west, but sooner than one would think. It will be released April 5th, which is only a day after it's released in Japan.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission coming April 5th
Dragon ball Heroes was originally a japanese arcade game created by Dimps (developers of the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Xenoverse games) that used physical cards that could be scanned into the arcade machine to unlock characters. While it uses models from the fighting games, it functions more like a turn based RPG. These games are also known for large rosters of characters, but also many "what if" versions of the characters never in the manga or anime for Dragon Ball, Z, Super, or even GT. An example in the game is a fusion between Vegeta and Trunks.

Various sequels and new versions of Heroes released on the Nintendo 3DS.  However they were only released in Japan, and importers were out of luck as the 3DS is not region free. In a Dragon Ball game livestream, the newest entry called Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission was just announced to be coming to the west for the Nintendo Switch and PC on April 5th. World Mission features enhanced graphics, new characters like Jiren and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, as well as a new villain called Sealas, created by Dragon Ball Super manga artist Toyotaro. It's not yet known how the card scanning will work in the west, more details will most likely be revealed as the release draws closer.

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