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Sunset Overdrive Might be Coming to PC

Insomniac Game's crazed, punk rock open-world game has once again been rated for PC, this time on the ESRB website. Could the Xbox One Exclusive finally release on PC?

This isn't even the craziest thing you'll see in this game.
Fire up the speculation machine once again, as the rumors of a PC port of Sunset Overdrive are about to start again. Back in May, eagle-eyed gamers spotted a listing on the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for a PC version of the Xbox One exclusive. As noted by Gematsu, another listing for a PC version of Sunset Overdrive has been found on the ESRB. Here's a screenshot below in case they take it down.

A rating for a PC version of Sunset Overdrive, as seen on the ESRB website.
If you haven't played it, Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive from Insomniac Games. (The same guys who made the fantastic Spider-Man game on PS4.) It's an open world game that features explosive gunplay, unique movement, and wild range of weapons. It was basically like old-school Tony Hawk with mutants and explosions. It's also, in my opinion, the best reason to own an Xbox One. So if it's heading for PC then count me in. I'll happily blast through the mutants of Sunset City once again.

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