Sunset Overdrive Has Finally Arrived on PC

Insomniac Game's wild punk-rock apocalypse, Sunset Overdrive has finally arrived on PC for an unbelievably low price.

Sunset Overdrive Has Finally Arrived on PC
You might remember a couple of weeks ago, we mentioned how an ESRB rating for a PC version of Sunset Overdrive was spotted. Well good news, Sunset Overdrive has officially arrived on PC! (Literally just as I was writing up this article it went live!)

Insomniac Game's wild, punk-rock apocalypse was previously released in 2014 as an Xbox One Exclusive. Featuring mutants, explosions and some wild traversal skills. Like I said in the previous article, it's old-school Tony Hawk with Guns. Sadly it didn't achieve the sales it deserved on Xbox One so here's hoping the PC version might do well enough to convince someone to fund a sequel.

Thankfully, despite being an Xbox Exclusive, and published by Microsoft you can get it on Steam already for $19.99 and I cannot recommend this game enough. It's easily the best Xbox One exclusive in my opinion and more than worth the asking price.

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