Sucker Punch Makes Return With Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay

The developers of the INFAMOUS and Sly Cooper franchises have wowed the crowds yet again with the gameplay debut of their newest title Ghost Of Tsushima. The game is set during 1274 during the age of samurai in Japan. Players will take on the role of lone samurai Jin on his quest to defeat the Mongol horde.

Sucker Punch Makes Return With Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay. The Visually Stunning Debut of Ghost Of Tsushima Blew Gamers Away At E3!
Sucker Punch may have been without a new title in recent years but that's all about to change with the debut of Ghost Of TsushimaGameplay for this visually breathtaking title debuted during Sony's E3 press conference. The game centers on Jin, one of the last remaining samurai who must develop a new way of fighting to defeat the invading Mongol horde in feudal Japan.

The game utilizes actual historical information and battles that took place in Japan to create it's narrative and overall world. It's clear that Sucker Punch has been hard at work making sure that this title feels as innovative and immersive as possible. The gameplay shown during the press conference showed off jaw-dropping visuals and color palettes reminiscent of old samurai movies. This design aesthetic actually translates very well to a game as each character and setting feels realistic and deep in terms of overall design.

The swordplay itself also seems to be quite engaging. Jin easily dispatched many Mongol guards and warriors with a few sword strokes. The game will also be quite graphic to boot as mutilation occurred with a few of the enemies. This focus on brutality and pinpoint accuracy in combat lends itself well to the overall design of a samurai focused title such as this. There was also the use of stealth during certain portions to help dispatch certain enemies quietly

The gameplay truly ended on a high note however when Jin was forced to face off against one of his comrades. Around them are incoming hordes of Mongol enemies and an engulfing and blazing fire that's starting to close in. The deep scarlet color palettes of the leaves mixed with the uber-realistic designs of the characters and top-notch voice acting really made this a true standout reveal for E3. No release date has been given yet but the title will, of course, be a PS4 exclusive.

Ghost of Tsushima - E3 2018 Gameplay Debut | PS4

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