Studio Teases Development of Cancelled Glover Sequel

Your favorite interactive glove may have a sequel to his name soon! Via tweet, the developers with the rights to Glover teased at being hard at work on a sequel title. Not much else is known at this point, but it gives hope to those craving more bouncy, crystalline adventures.

Studio Teases Development of Cancelled Glover Sequel.
In 1998, a game called Glover was released to the world for the Nintendo 64, and then a year later on the Playstation. While it received fairly decent critical reception, it sold well enough for its developer at the time, Hasbro Interactive, to announce and begin development on a sequel. Unfortunately, financial issues would cause them to cancel the game in 1999, and Hasbro was forced to sell many of its subsidiaries in the following few years.

Nearly twenty years after cancelling Glover 2, Piko Interactive, the current holder of the rights to Glover, have made it known that they plan to finish the once-cancelled sequel in a response to a Twitter user's question in the following tweet:

Studio Teases Development of Cancelled Glover Sequel
While no official announcement has been made by the development studio, this tweet should spark enough hope for fans of the original title for new content from the IP in the coming future. In an age where reviving once-dead franchises has become a not-too-uncommon practice within the video game industry, Glover may have the chance to find a new audience in a generation where video games are far more saturated in the lifestyles of humanity.

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Stephen M Morin

I have found memories of this game on N64. Would be interesting to see a sequel.

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