Studio Heartbreak’s The Lovers, An Animated Short Film Project

The Lovers, produced by Studio Heartbreak, is an adult-animated WLW short film. Set in the philippines, the story follows the star-crossed tale of a seafood chef and a siren. Check out the new psychological indie short film that brings animation to another level.

Studio Heartbreak's The Lovers, An Animated Short Film Project

“The Lovers” debuts as Studio Heartbreak’s first short film. The studio teased a clip of their film in early January 2023 on twitter, releasing a full trailer and Kickstarter on May 9th 2023. The story follows a reluctant chef, Sara Lin Baylon, as she returns home to her late father’s restaurant struggling to fill his shoes. Sara finds herself in a predicament as she becomes entangled in an affair with a mystique siren, a focal point of the govenor’s reception dinner….The main course.

Studio Heartbreak is an independent, internet-based animation studio founded by college students. Alongside being up and coming, Studio Heartbreak’s affiliates have also worked for animation studios such as Mappa Studio (Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan) and Pierrot (Naruto, Boruto). Their team is made up of passionate creators dedicated to breaking boundaries in animation. Their unique methods of storytelling bring a new level towards today’s animation as this indie film becomes a highly anticipated project for both the animation and LGBTQ+ community.

Studio Heartbreak's The Lovers, An Animated Shortfilm Project

Screenshot from The Lovers

Vanille Velasquez, known for her role as Neon in Valorant and Zeri in League of Legends, will be voicing the protagonist Sara Baylon and Dawn Bennet, who has voiced in many games including Fire Emblem and Honkai: Star Rail, will be voicing Sirena.  The independent film features dialogue spoken in Tagalog. With support through their campaign, Studio Heartbreak hopes to include an english dub featuring the original voice actors.

You can check out more of their work through Studio Heartbreak’s Website, where they highlight artwork of their film from guest artists. There is no exact date for the film’s release but fans can assume it will most likely be out during late 2025. But be sure to follow along with Studio Heartbreak as they continue to reveal updates on the film’s progess. 

Source: Studio Heartbreak Website, “The Lovers” Kickstarter

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