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Strife – Open beta is here

Strife - Open beta is here, let's try this new MOBA! #Strife

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Maybe you haven't heard about it but new MOBA is on the market and in open beta. So gather your friends from LoL and DOTA2 and try this new friendly game. At least the devs say that there are no common pain points that plague the MOBA scene.

We will cover this game later with written preview so stay tuned.

And finally what does make Strife unique? Why you should at least give it a chance? This is taken from the official forum thread page:

Designed to prevent toxicity within the team
A lot of the mechanics in Strife were designed with this in mind. For example you choose your Hero before you even get into the queue, preventing you from getting that hero you want or fighting over roles. As you read on, you will come across the other mechanics and features we have that reduce toxicity proactively, trying to solve the roots of the problems. You can read more about how we accomplished this here.

Each player chooses one of several companions available to you into the arena. While you start off with one, you can unlock additional pets with seals. Pets provide players with passive and active abilities and cannot be targeted by players. Pets serve to compliment heroes, or cover their weaknesses. For example Moxie is a heavy magic damage dealer, so the pet Mystic is great for him as it gives him extra mana and spell penetration. Another support heroMalady can use Bounder to close gaps quickly for stuns as well as slow enemies to set up kills. Experiment with pets! They’re all useful and fun to use! Don't worry about the safety of your pets as players cannot attack your cuddly companion.

Crafting and Enchanting
Crafting is a system in Strife that lets you change how an Item is created. Items are made from components (Health, Power, Mana, Attack Speed, Regeneration) and a recipe. Crafting lets you switch those Components around. This is great because it let's you tailor Items to your gameplay or hero. After you craft an Item you can choose to enchant it with an effect. Enchanting an Item increases its in game Recipe cost, but changes how it functions. This is optional when you craft an item.
All your crafted Items will be available to you within the in game shop and you will still have the option to buy non crafted versions of the Item. While easy to craft, it's a tough concept to master. Once you get the hang of it though, it adds a whole new level of play and options! You can choose to craft right away with the Elixir you earn every game, or wait a bit to get a firm grasp on the game and conserve your resources.

Gold sharing
No more fighting over last hits. If you're in lane with an ally who earns an enemy brawler kill, you'll share the gold with them. The gold is split equally among your nearby allies. If you are in a lane by yourself or solo, you get half the gold from a creep kill, and the rest is divided amongst the team (including yourself).

No kill stealing
If you get a kill, or assisted in the kill then you get the same amount of gold as the person who scored the killing blow.

Out of combat regeneration
One of the key things about Strife is that it is action packed. To keep the action going Strife has out of combat regeneration. After spending a few seconds outside of combat your hero will begin to regenerate health and mana at an accelerated rate. This keeps players out moving around and not at base.

Free Personal Couriers
Like in DotA 2 and Heroes of Newerth, Strife has couriers. What's unique about Strife is that every player is given their own free courier to automatically transport items to them in the field. You can’t attack these couriers and they’re easy to use and keep you in the action.

Boss Objectives
Like in other MOBAs there are bosses for your team to tackle to give you an edge in the match. In the top half of the map we have Baldir. Baldir is a rather easy enemy to take down with 2-3 players and grants your entire team a bonus to gold. While taking the boss once, won’t make much of a difference, continually taking him will grant your team a massive gold advantage.
To the south of the map you have Cindara, much stronger than Baldir and usually requiring all team members to defeat. While granting more gold to your team, defeating her also spawns Krytos for your team. A large Sentinel who will push down a lane destroying Brawlers and disabling defensive structures (Towers, Generators, and the Crux). Taking Cindara can be game ending so keep an eye on her!

Refined warding and vision mechanics
Gone are the days where you have to sacrifice your hard earned gold for wards or rely on a teammate to do so. Observatories around the map provide brief vision of areas to help secure objectives and farm. While providing this it is balanced so that ganking is still encouraged and the gameplay does not devolve into a passive wardfest.

Karma system
After a match you can give a player praise, or condemn them. If you enjoyed playing with them and they were cool people, give em that green thumb! If they were negative hit that condemn button and choose why. Reasons range from being mean in chat, to intentionally throwing the game.

Flexible Heroes
Heroes in Strife are flexible as to what role they can fulfil. The hero Ray can be a Spell damage carry, an attack speed carry, a support, or a ganker, depending on how you build him. This is a great way to keep things fresh and allows you to adapt to the match. The item system enhances your options even more!

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