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Stray Merch Will Be Available for Your Cat

Creators of new cat game, Stray, are partnering with Travel Cat to release a line of Stray merch for your cat. It will feature a bubble backpack so you can carry your feline friend around with you safely and an adjustable cat harness so you can take your cat out exploring.

Stray Merch Will Be Available for Your Cat Cover

New cat game, Stray, is going to release a line of cat merch in partnership with Travel Cat. The line includes a bubble backpack and a harness for you feline friends. 

The game is set to release this July and it features a stray cat, lost in a cyber city. Players will get to do all the things cats are known for including slinking around stealthily and knocking stuff over. You will also use your robot companion to interact with other robot NPCs in the game. 

The game was originally announced in 2020 during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event and has already been gaining popularity with players. Many people are enticed by the opportunity to play as a cute cat in a mysterious cyberpunk world. The game, developed by BlueTwelve and published by Annapurna Interactive, will feature mostly stealth elements. Players will have to avoid robotic enemies while trying to escape from the underbelly of this dark and seedy city. Though not much is known about the plot as of late, players are still excited to see what will come next.

The new Stray merch is available through Travel Cat’s website and will feature a bubble backpack and a harness. The backpack features a black body with colorful accenting, big enough to fit “25 pounds of cat”. The harness features a reflective vest to keep your cat visible in the dark. It also includes a 6ft lead to give your cat plenty of leeway when exploring. The harness will also have adjustable velcro and buckles to accommodate many cats of many sizes. 

It was also announced recently that Stray will be getting a physical release as well. So, players who wish to own a game disc will in fact be able to get a physical copy, though they will have to hold out until September for a physical copy.

Stray releases on July 19th across a multitude of platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The Stray merch is available for preorder currently on Travel Cat’s website as well. 

SOURCE: Travel Cat 

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