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Stranger Things is Leaving SMITE

Stranger Things will soon be leaving SMITE, The Battleground of the Gods. This well-received crossover is soon to come to an end, as many Netflix crossovers have done before. Be sure to grab these cosmetics before the Upside Down closes off from this realm- possibly for good.

Stranger Things Is Leaving SMITE

As announced on the game’s official Twitter, SMITE and Stranger Things will be parting ways. Similar to what happened with the Dead by Daylight license, it seems the deal is coming to a close. After a surprising and yet brilliant crossover brought the likes of Eleven, Hopper, The Demogorgon, and The Mind Flayer to the Battleground of the Gods, these characters will soon return to the Upside Down.

In June 2021, this crossover was announced at Summer Games Fest. Netflix, at the time, was branching out into video games. Stranger Things was the main root of this branching. It showed up everywhere, and very quickly, too. Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, and even Rocket League. More recently, it has also found its way into Far Cry 6.

However, all good things must come to an end, and this is especially apparent when it comes to Netflix crossovers. Players have until July 14th to secure permanent ownership of anything Stranger Things related in SMITE. It’s very difficult to predict whether or not these skins will ever make a return. It’s better to take the developers’ word for it, though, that this is your last chance to buy them. Make sure to secure these soon-to-be limited cosmetics.

It’s not impossible for the two universes to collide once again in the future, though. The leaks circling around Dead by Daylight at the moment have made that slightly more clear if they’re true. So, go ahead and give SMITE a go for free and head on over to the store and grab Starcourt Mall Eleven while you still can!

SMITE x Stranger Things Battle Pass - Gameplay Trailer

SOURCE: Official SMITE Twitter Account

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