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Stranger Things Is Coming to SMITE in Crossover Event

Stranger Things will be turning the Battleground of the Gods upside down in SMITE's latest crossover. Likely to bring forth brand new Hawkins-inspired cosmetics, more details about the event will be shared during a presentation at Summer Games Fest on June 10th.

Stranger Things is Coming to SMITE In Crossover Event Cover

Stranger Things will be making its way over to the Battleground of the Gods as announced earlier today. As SMITE‘s latest crossover event, more details about the additional content will be revealed tomorrow on June 10th at Summer Games Fest during a presentation.

The third-person MOBA has recently crossed over with both Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avatar: The Last Airbender. These events brought forward many new skins and cosmetics inspired by the original series, introducing skins such as Aang as Merlin and Raphael as Loki. Now, SMITE seems to be taking an even bigger step, crossing over with the popular Netflix original series.

Netflix has previously stated that it is looking to expand into the video games business more, crossing over with other games such as Dead by Daylight. It leaves us to wonder what else they could have in store in the near future.

These past Nickolodeon events saw unlockable cosmetics through a new Battle Pass. It’s likely that the Stranger Things event will follow suit and inspire one of its own. Players would then be able to unlock Hawkins-inspired rewards through completing quests and just by playing the game to progress. Or, you could give yourself a headstart and purchase certain tiers of the pass to grab your favourite rewards.

Are you excited about the SMITE x Stranger Things crossover event? Let us know your predictions on what we’ll be seeing down below in the comments.

If you haven’t yet dived into the Battleground of the Gods, it’s completely free, available on all major platforms now.

SMITE x TMNT Announcement Trailer

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