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Stormgate Gets a Developer Update

The highly anticipated real-time strategy game gets a development update before the the end of the year. The developers are showing the RTS community that they are making progress until the closed beta becomes a thing where fans may potentially get their hands on it.

Frost Giant Studios, a team full of former Warcraft III and Starcraft II developers, have made an update on the game’s development. 

The developers released a six minute video about the game’s netcode structure and sharing some of its concept arts. The video was released on December 6.

The game will be developed on two engines: Unreal Engine 5 for the graphical approach and SnowPlay for the online multiplayer experience.

The SnowPlay engine is exclusively designed by the developers themselves confirmed by Production Director, Tim Morten.

“It is a set of logic that is being built exclusively by our team here at Frost Giant, designed to handle the high unit counts and the low latency networking,” Morten said.

Expect to see large scale battles in Stormgate.

Expect to see large scale battles in Stormgate.

The developers thought it was better to take this approach rather just solely relying on Unreal Engine 5. They wanted to prioritize how smooth the game would be played with multiple players in a match.

Later in the video, Chief Architect James Anhalt explained some of the technical reasons behind the SnowPlay decision.

“SnowPlay allows us to simulate Stormgate at 60 hertz for smooth responsive gameplay feel,” Anhalt said.

Anhalt also mentioned that the game is the smoothest real-time strategy game he worked on his career. He has worked on various Warcraft and Starcraft titles before.

The developers teased RTS fanatics by sharing some of the game’s concept arts of the units for both the human and alien factions.

One can argue that these photos bear a resemblance to Blizzard’s well known intellectual properties like Starcraft and Diablo.

A concept art of the Infernal worker unit.

A concept art of the Infernal worker unit.

Stormgate was announced this year’s Summer Game Fest. It was primarily a CG trailer with no show casing of how the game is played, but they did release a screenshot of its gameplay.

The game is set to release a closed beta for next year. The developers are expecting it to happen in mid 2023.

SOURCE: YouTube Video Update

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