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Stellaris Leviathan DLC release date announced

Paradox Interactive has released new information today about their much-anticipated Leviathan DLC, including a release date.

Stellaris Leviathan DLC release date announced
Paradox Interactive announced today the release date for their second DLC (and first major expansion) for their latest release, Stellaris. It will be available October 20th, so little over a week from today and it will be starting at $9.99 or your countries equivalent to that. Keep in mind in August we got a simple species portrait pack at the same price that contained roughly half a dozen new species to play as, and this time around we are getting a whole lot more.

The main focus of Leviathan, which will be a the first (of many?) 'Story Packs' which will add more depth and in-game events to the vanilla game. The DLC promises a host of new content, including the long-awaited improvement to Fallen Empires (think uber-powerful stagnant AI's that generally leave you alone) which will make them much more active. Fallen Empires can now awaken and become major players on the galactic level, expanding and subjugating other AI civilizations and your own along their own ethics lines. But watch out, because if two of them awaken at the same time then the War in Heaven event will trigger, which starts a galaxy-wide civil war between the two and their subjects which can only end in the total destruction of all opposition.

There is of course more to it, including free content being added in the Heinlen patch, and here's a basic list of that content down below. Keep in mind you do NOT need to buy Leviathan to get the following features, they will be included in the next update for free.

Heinlen Content

  • Awakened Fallen Empires
  • Fallen Empire quests, tasks and general improvements
  • Fleet Roles and new XL weapons
  • Weapon Balance rework
  • Federation Victory Condition
  • Strategic Resource Rework
  • Auto-Exploration
  • Rally Points
  • Expansion Planner
  • Habitability System Rework
  • Federation/Alliance Rework
  • Federation Association Status
  • Better control over sectors
  • 4 new portraits (NOT the 'cuties')
  • Major sound and graphics improvements
  • Space Creature rework, including new art and encounters
  • Loads of bug fixes, AI improvements and UI improvements

Leviathan is also set to feature massive space creatures. Think Space Amoebas, but bigger and generally more terrifying which will serve a yet-unknown purpose in the game, as well as Enclaves. Enclaves come in three varieties. Traders, Artists and Curators, each with their own ability and bonus for those who can prove that playing nice is on the agenda, otherwise you'll be sure to find some useful technology while sifting through the twisted ruins of their once-mighty space stations.

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