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Stellaris Announces Ethics and Pop Changes

One of the things I like about Paradox Interactive is that their games are always being improved and changed. Free updates for almost every title are standard and each one presents a very well thought out change meant to improve the game. This most recent update for Stellaris is no different.

Stellaris announces ethics and pop changes
I'll admit, one of the things that has been lacking in Stellaris is interactivity with your pops and the factions they create. Up until now, the only factions that can be created by your pops are Independence-seeking rebels under various names like The Joy First Committee or The Sildor Nationalist Party. But the 1.5 Banks update pledges to fix this little issue.

Paradox Interactive has said that factions will instead represent political parties, popular movements and other such interest groups. Most will only consist of pops of certain ethics, for the example they gave, the Supremacist Faction desires complete political dominance for their own species and is made up exclusively of xenophobes of that species. Not just xenophobes in general, but only for their particular species. While the Isolationist Faction could be joined by both pacifist and xenophobe pops regardless of species.

These factions will form over the course of the game, like they do right now. But as your empire grows and expands these factions will start to help or hurt your society. A happy, content faction will generate influence for you while an unhappy one might decide its time to push for independence. These factions will have issues they want you to take care of as well as a certain attraction level to pops that might not already be in a faction. Now, lets talk about Ethics changes.

Every pop in Stellaris has Ethics. This is one of the driving forces to the game and its also one of the simplest laws to interstellar politics. Pops with the Pacifist Ethic will not like war, and Militarists will love it; simple. But one of the changes coming in Banks is the Collectivist/Individualist dynamic, which will be re-worked. Authoritarian replaces Collectivist and represents belief in hierarchical rule and orderly, stratified societies. Authoritarian pops tolerate slavery and prefer to live in autocracies. On the other hand, Egalitarian replaces individualist and represents belief in individual rights. Egalitarian pops dislike slavery and elitism and prefer to live in democracies. 

Keep in mind, this update will be entirely free so every player is going to be getting it regardless, some time in the future.