Steins;Gate Games Added To Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Major Nelson's team adds three Steins; Gate Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One backward compatibility program. The three games remain in Japanese-only making these new additions not very accessible to the mass of gamers.

Steins;Gate Games Added To Xbox Backwards Compatibility
Critically-acclaimed Steins;Gate games that released on the Xbox 360 last generation have just been added to backward compatibility on Xbox One. The recent update from Major Nelson added three titles: Steins; GateSteins; Gate: Hiyoku-Renri no Darling and Steins; Gate: Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram. The downside to the news is that all three games are only in Japanese. That was an overlooked mistake that probably cost the franchise a much delayed awakening than it was necessary when they came to the Playstation platforms with English translations.

This news is sure to delight those gamers on the Xbox side that love Japanese games. For those not familiar with Steins; Gate, it is universally considered one of the best visual novels out there. The science-fiction world it created inspired numerous mangas and anime series. Without spoiling much, it's a game for those lovers of conspiracy theory and it features one of the most memorable protagonist and cast of characters in my humble opinion. It features very dark tones that contrast with lighter and distinct Japanese humor.

What do our readers think? Will you polish your Japanese skills? Let us know below.

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