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Steep Open Beta is now available!

Strap your skis on and get on the slopes, the Steep open beta is now available. Ubisoft take extreme sports to a whole new level in a game where adrenaline takes control as you ski, snowboard, and jump off of mountains. Will you be jumping onto the slopes?

Steep Open Beta is now available!
Ubisoft are pushing extreme sports to the limits with their new title Steep. Offering seamless multiplayer and a snowy open world to explore, traversing the alps has never looked so good.

If, like me, you've been curious about this game, now is your time to try it. Ubisoft is running an open beta for their new sports title on all platforms. If you're a fan of both sporting games and free roaming titles, this is a game that may indeed tickle your fancy. I'd recommend giving it a try, you have nothing to lose!

The Steep open beta runs from 18/11/16 until the 21/11/16 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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