Stars of Icarus needs your support on Steam Greenlight

Combat in Stars of Icarus is designed to be deep and rewarding. Your choices can make a huge difference. Analyze your enemies, prepare your ship, and hone your skills to become the most deadly Warrior.

Stars of Icarus needs your support on Steam Greenlight
Stars of Icarus is a Roguelike Space Combat Game, combining Elements of Arcade style Shooters, Open-World-like Free Movement, Crafting and RPG Progression. It's a love letter to the Space Games of the 90s, like Star Control and Escape Velocity, re-imagined with "tough but fair" combat, based off of games like Dark Souls.

The Steam Greenlight trailer for Stars of Icarus:


  • Physics-based Combat – use your Grav Gun to grab and throw objects and enemies and manipulate the battlefield
  • Material Type Damage Modelling – Don't shoot blindly, think which weapons will do the most damage to a given enemy
  • Combat AI – Enemies patrol in groups and attack smartly. See through their patterns and exploit their weakness
  • Crafting and Item use – Plan, gather resources and craft appropriate items for battle, to give you the edge
  • Multiple Upgrade Systems – Some systems boost your strength for one run, while others carry over into the future
  • Multi-Part Enemies – Destroy your enemies Piece by Piece, targeting more vulnerable areas and avoiding heavy armor

The game will launch into Steam Early Access for PC and Mac in Early 2017.

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