Starfall Prophecy expansion is out for RIFT

Telara is Under Siege as Trion Worlds Launches the Starfall Prophecy premium expansion for RIFT.

The Comet of Ahnket threatens the very existence of Telara in RIFT Starfall Prophecy, the latest premium expansion for Trion Worlds’ fantasy MMO RIFT, launching today. Starfall Prophecy invites players to experience five huge new zones, two new dungeons, a new level cap, engage in Fortress Sieges, and much more while bracing for the arrival of their world’s greatest threat. Available starting at US £30.49, Starfall Prophecy is RIFT’s first premium DLC since the game went free-to-play in 2013 and the most accessible RIFT expansion yet, offering all returning players quick access to the new content via a level 65 boost. Players can also enjoy the recently implemented True Multicore Support and 64-bit technology improvements, which deliver up to 50% improvement in frame rates and greater stability.

The launch trailer for RIFT Starfall Prophecy:

“Starfall Prophecy has been a labor of love for the entire RIFT team, and we’re excited to see how both new and existing players react to the new territories, battles and increased level cap,” said Chris Junior, Executive Producer on RIFT. “Starfall Prophecy is a direct response to player feedback, giving RIFT’s large and passionate audience what they’ve been requesting by removing the MTX unlocks that typically went with past expansions, and delivering all the new content at a single price.”

RIFT Starfall Prophecy features major enhancements including: 

  • New Environments to Explore – As the Comet of Ahnket hurls through the skies towards Telara, players will be able to explore five massive new zones including the Tenebrean Schism, Xarth Mire, Ashenfell, Scatherran Forest and Gedlo Badlands, two new dungeons and one new raid. Participating in raids has never been easier with the new Looking for Raid system, and the new individual rewards system ensures players always get the best items for their class. 
  • New Ways to Build Your Character – Starfall Prophecy increases the player level cap to 70, adds a new crafting tier, and allows players to gain Legendary Powers, which build upon the game’s unique Soul system and offers even more customization options. New, special types of equipment called Eternal Items have also been added, and new Planar Fragments will allow players to further empower their gear. 
  • Even Bigger Battles – For the first time, players can take part in Fortress Sieges, open-world battles that increase in complexity and size, spanning from solo battles, to groups, to even Raids. Players will also be able to jump into instant adventures whilst in the heart of a Rift through the new Rift Assault Adventures.

 RIFT Starfall Prophecy premium content is available for purchase on the Starfall Prophecy page. Two editions are available to players, including: 

  • Standard Edition: £30.49 – Contains Instant Level 65 boost, Starfall Prophecy access and bonus Level 65 boost 
  • Deluxe Edition: £45.99 – Contains everything from the Standard edition along with an Ethereal Drake Mount, Asha Catari’s Raiment and the Ring of Ahnket character portrait. 

RIFT is Trion Worlds’ wildly successful, fantasy free-to-play MMO, now celebrating its five year anniversary with more updates to come. Originally launched in March 2011, RIFT puts players into the role of the Ascended as they fight to defend the elemental world of Telara and cleanse the world of the threat of dragons.

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