Stardew Valley is coming to Consoles in December

After taking Steam by storm, Stardew Valley will be coming to PS4 on December 13 and Xbox One on December 14! A trailer has been released for it showing off its features, gameplay, and super relaxing music. It will sadly not be making its way to the Wii U

Stardew Valley coming to consoles in December
In this blog post it was announced that the much loved game, Stardew Valley will finally be making its way to consoles in December. It’ll be released on the PS4 in North America on December 13 and Europe on December 14. Xbox One owners will be able to play on December 14 globally.

Preorders will begin on November 30 for Xbox One globally, and PS4 in Europe only. The game will sadly not be coming to the Wii U but it was mentioned that a Nintendo Switch release is possible in the future.

Stardew Valley was developed by Eric Barone and published by Chucklefish Games. Stardew Valley is a farming simulation role playing game that puts you in the shoes of a farmer starting from nothing. You’ll be able to meet a community of people to trade with and grow your farm. Vicious creatures also await you in caves where you’ll find valuable resources. Pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted, right?

Stardew Valley Trailer

The game is packed with almost never ending content to keep you satisfied. Whether you’re a long time Harvest Moon fan or a newcomer, you’re going to enjoy this game a lot. You can do things such as get married and have kids, or even raise animals! It’ll be interesting to see if the game will be updated regularly to keep in line with the PC version. I enjoyed the game a lot on Steam and will most likely be playing it again on the PS4.

Stardew Valley on Console
So what do you think about Stardew Valley? Will you be playing it on Console? Let me know in the comments below! Also be sure to hit the Follow icon to stay up to date with all things Stardew Valley!

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