Star Wars KOTOR is coming back in a big way!

The 2003 game of the year, Star Wars knights of the Old Republic, is getting rebooted using Unreal Engine 4. This beloved Star Wars RPG recently came out for mobile devices but now the game is getting a total makeover with additional missions, planets, etc.

New first-person look at SW:KotOR

For some, this reboot has been a long time coming. While the original KotOR is a widely popular game still played by avid fans of Star Wars and the RPG series, Knights of the Old Republic: Aperion looks amazing in its early stages. Poem Studios are the guys and gals behind this project and they had this to say about the reboot:

“We are a group of dedicated programmers, artists, voice actors, world builders, and writers that have all come together to breathe life back into a wonderful game.”

This reboot will contain the game’s original content as well as additional worlds, quests and a new first-person camera mode as opposed to the traditional third-person mode from the previous Old Republic games.

While they stress that what they are doing is legal they won’t be able to sell it, so when the finished project comes out it will be free. Poem Studios is not accepting donations yet as they want a more polished game to present before asking for help. Speaking of asking for help, check out the project website to see how you can track the games progress or apply to be part of the team.

From 2003 to 2016, made possible by Unreal Engine 4

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