Star Wars Jedi: Survivor May Come Out in Early 2023

At least, this is what we can conclude after analysis of the upcoming releases schedule. Just such a plan Electronic Arts corporate management presented to investors during the next meeting. Furthermore, EA officially confirmed the release window of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor May Come Out In Early 2023

The other day, Electronic Arts held another meeting with its investors. During this conference, the company shared its financial performance. Furthermore, EA’s corporate management presented a release schedule for upcoming games.

In late July, the Net users found the first mention of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The leak itself came from the PlayStation database. The scheduled time window of the release is the first few months of 2023. Already at a recent meeting with the investors, EA announced the official exact release windows of nine games which will be on sale until March 2023.

Among them:

  • July — September 2022: FIFA 23, Madden NFL 23
  • October — December 2022: Need for Speed, NHL
  • January — March 2023: Dead Space, PGA Tour, Super Mega Baseball, a big intellectual property game (according to the same PlayStation data, it may be Star Wars Jedi: Survivor), and a partner game.

On the other hand, during the same conference, Andrew Wilson said that it is better not to assume anything. It could mean that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor could come out after March 2023. Well, apparently, we will find this truth only after the official announcement.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson

In terms of financial performance, Electronic Arts completed the first quarter with a higher net revenue ($1,78 billion) than last quarter. In addition, the operating profit was $441 million (compared to $322 million earlier). The net profit of Electronic Arts was $7,478 billion. This percentage was 22% higher than last year. The famous publisher received 73% of its income from microtransactions.

During the same conference, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson stated that single-player games play an important part in the company’s general strategy. This kind of game allows expanding the sphere of influence of the company. Furthermore, single-player games help to increase the number of hours gamers spend on the games.

Wilson believes that when looking at the Electronic Arts portfolio, players should understand how their developers build worlds and stories. While developing the international internet community and meanwhile combining those two things to realize motivation.

Beyond that, EA as a publisher intends to continue to invest not only in the development of multiplayer projects but also in their further development after the release and support their stable work for many years.

SOURCE: Meeting of EA with investors


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