Star Conflict: Update 1.0

Star Conflict: Big update 1.0 and DLC sales (50% discount).

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Star Conflict has closed the open beta and September 4th the update 1.0 officialy launched the game. Players active in the OB received:

Special achievement OBT Squad and a corresponding title for all the OBT participants

– Now all pilots of Rank 4 and above get access to Attacked Sectors!
– Any pilot of Rank 14 and above can build his own ship!
– New T5 ships
– New blueprints
– New achievements

Star Conflict Release 1.0

It seems like War Thunder in space but don't be mistaken. There is a storyline, pve missions, crafting new modules or even ships. So it seems much deeper in possibilities what you can do. Of course the system for exp, different ships tiers etc. are the same. But here it appears better. We will see how this will improve and develop in time. But for now the gameplay is funny and great. 

So for all space sims fans you can now even buy DLCs for 50% discount on Steam or official Star Conflict site.

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