Stadia Founder’s Edition Gets Detailed

Purchasing the Stadia Founder's Edition is the only way to use Stadia when it launches! Pre-orders are available right now. Check out everything you get with the Founder's Edition and what it costs to be at the forefront of technology.
Stadia Founder’s Edition Gets Detailed

Stadia Founder’s Edition Gets Detailed

During today’s Google Stadia Connect, we got our first details of what the Founder’s Edition will include. Owning the Founder’s Edition will be the only way to use Stadia when the game-streaming service launches this November.

The Stadia Founder’s Edition includes a limited-edition controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a three-month Stadia Pro subscription (plus another three months to gift to a friend), and first pickings of names on the service. The Founder’s Edition costs $129.99.

The limited-edition controller will be Night Blue with a popping orange secondary color on the Stadia-logo face button and underside of the thumbsticks. Regular Stadia controllers retail for $69.

The Chromecast Ultra is to allow streaming of games within your home at up to 4K HDR, so you can play on any screen in the house. Chromecast Ultras also cost $69 at retail.

Stadia Founder’s Edition Gets Detailed

Stadia Founder’s Edition Gets Detailed. The Night Blue controller

Stadia Pro is Google’s version of Xbox Game Pass, allowing access to a library of games, along with full-game discounts, for $10 a month.

For a limited time, Founder’s Edition owners will also get full access to Destiny 2, including all previously released DLC.

Pre-orders of the Stadia Founder’s Edition are available now.



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