Square Enix’s Mobile RPG, Echoes of Mana to Shut Down in May

Just a year after its global launch, popular and free-to-play mobile RPG Echoes of Mana will close its servers on May 15, 2023. Publisher Square Enix cites lack of user engagement and inability to generate a constant revenue as reasons for the game’s decline.

Square Enix’s Mobile RPG, Echoes of Mana to Shut Down in May

Echoes of Mana is a MMO battle role-playing gacha game for mobile devices. It is the latest installment of the action RPG series, Mana. Mana was once originally a spin-off within the Final Fantasy series, but disconnected from the franchise and became its own, original standalone series during the release of its second installment, The Secret of Mana. The games’ stories are often centered around a life-sustaining world tree called The Tree of Mana, and forces of evil that want to seize the power within it. In Echoes of Mana, the player is tasked with retrieving a Mana Sword to help restore The Tree of Mana and save the worlds that are woven within its branches.

Echoes of Mana | Animation Trailer

Echoes of Mana was launched globally for Android and iOS devices in April of 2022. As it attracted many fans, the game surpassed 4 million downloads within four months of its release. Unfortunately, after the game’s peak, it became unable to retain an active playerbase and generate a sustainable revenue stream. Figures have dropped since May 22 of last year.

All sale of in-game currency has ceased, and players are encouraged to spend what they have until the service ends. The Echoes of Mana team have also announced their plans to release all unreleased content in the game up until shutdown, which is certain to provide closure to disappointed fans.

Source: Important Notice (2023/2/13): End of App Service Announcement 

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