Square Enix To Hold First E3 Press Conference Since 2015

Square Enix, the beloved developer of the Final Fantasy series among many others will be holding their own press event during this year's E3 conference. This is big news for fans as the company has been absent with a conference at the show for nearly 3 years in a row. Many are clamoring for news on the developer's next new games to come.

Square Enix To Hold E3 Press Conference At This Year's Event!
Square Enix has been quite successful as of late with their popular titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Life Is Strange and many others. The company has been oddly absent however from the last 3 E3 events in terms of a press conference. This will all change this year as the company plans to hold one of these events during this year's E3.

The event will take place Monday, June 11 at 10 A.M. P.T./ 1 P.M. E.T. Many are hoping for news on a concrete release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. Others are hoping to see more on the newly announced Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. There may also be more informatipn on their upcoming Dragon Quest XI as well during the event.

One title many are hoping to hear more about since it was announced last year is the Avengers title Square Enix is working on. Very few details have come to the surface about this top-secret project so far. Perhaps the company plans on showing off a gameplay trailer or release date reveal. More information to come on this and other E3 events very soon.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Official Trailer

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