Square Enix Reveals Losses of $48M on Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix reports serious losses from Marvel's Avengers as it underperforms. According to one industry analyst, the game has sold only 3 million copies, making it not reach high enough to generate revenue considering the game's big budget.

Square Enix Reveals Losses of $48M on Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix posted its sales figures for its HD Games sub-segment, revealing losses of ¥5 billion, or $48 million on Marvel’s Avengers. The information comes from its latest financial results, which covers April through the end of September.

It is not all bad for the Japanese company. Due to other releases like Final Fantasy VII Remake, it performed better than last year overall.

We don’t have concrete sales numbers, but we have some insight into how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes perform. One comes from Steam Charts, as PC players peaked at playing the superhero game with over 28,000 people. In the last 24 hours as of writing, the peak has been slightly over 1,000.

The second comes from Tokyo-based analyst David Gibson. He reported on Twitter that it sold approximately 3 million copies out of its approximate $170-190 million budget. While Square has not confirmed these numbers, it is a good foundation to go off due to Gibson’s credibility within the industry.

Outside of the losses Square Enix faces with Marvel’s Avengers, the game’s likability has been middling at best. Early impressions from the marketing were consistently met with a lack of enthusiasm, and now that reviews are out, it is averaging 67 on Metacritic. In contrast, the audience score averages a four across each platform. In our review, Michael Kelly said it that the “foundation is promising” then followed up that the rest of the experience is “seriously lacking soul.”

What do you think of how Marvel’s Avengers is performing? Are you playing? Let us know your thoughts on this story and the superhero live service game in the comments.

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