Square Enix Live Stream Event Coming March 18

Square Enix has announced that it will hold a live stream event as part of its "Square Enix Presents" series on March 18. During the show, the new entry to the Life is Strange franchise will be revealed. The company will also be giving updates on many of its other upcoming titles, such as Outriders, Balan Underworld and Marvel's Avengers, while there will also be new information regarding the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider.

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A new part of the Square Enix Presents live stream of events will be broadcasted on March 18, with the company bringing news to fans for many of its highly anticipated titles.

One game shown will be the premiere of the next installment to the acclaimed Life is Strange franchise, created by Dontnod Entertainment, with the latest entry (Life is Strange 2) being released back in 2019. According to Square Enix, the game will feature “…an all new protagonist wielding an exciting new power.”

Outriders, the upcoming co-op RPG that recently released a demo that received highly favorable reviews, will also be present at the show. The launch of the game is only a few short weeks away, so Square Enix plans to give one last look before it gets into players’ hands.

Another game that is only a short time away from launch, Balan Underworld, will also be present at the show in one form or another. The platformer designed by the former head of the Sonic the Hedgehog team, Yuji Naka, also had a demo released about a month ago, yet it failed to captivate audiences with its display of in-game mechanics.

There will also be news, possibly in regards to upcoming downloadable content, about Marvel’s Avengers, which was released last year to mixed reviews, while the Just Cause franchise will be getting news about an upcoming mobile entry.

Square Enix Montreal plans to make some mobile game announcements of its own, while Taito will be unveiling some games that will undoubtedly fill us with nostalgia.

Finally, during the 40-minute event, Eidos Montreal plans to lift the veil of its next plans regarding Lara Croft and her next adventures in the Tomb Raider series, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The previous installment to the franchise was 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which closed off the Lara Croft origins story. It will be interesting to see which direction the creators decide to take for the future of both the heroine and the franchise.

Balan Wonderworld will be one of the games featured in the Square Enix Presents event.

Balan Wonderworld will be one of the games featured in the Square Enix Presents event.

From the games listed in this lineup, it’s clear that this event is more catered towards Western audiences. Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda had already made the company’s intentions to approach the market “aggressively” known during one of the previous conference calls with investors.

The Square Enix Presents live stream event will begin on March 18 at 5:00 pm GMT and can be seen on its Twitch and YouTube channels.

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