Square Enix Finally Updates Chrono Trigger

Square Enix have released an update for the HD Steam port of their iconic title Chrono Trigger. The new updates boast big fixes and a new option to change the graphics from Remastered to Original. Fans were disappointed when Square Enix ported the game over to Steam this February so an updated was well needed.

Square Enix Finally Updates Chrono Trigger
When Square Enix ported a HD remaster of the legendary J-RPG Chrono Trigger in Febuary, fans were a little disappointed with the results. The game itself looks little weird as it is a converted port of a mobile version which doesn't look the prettiest at all. but playing through it revealed a few more nasty bugs (like the infamous among fans, texture glitches). Needless to say, a very underwhelming experience for such a widely beloved game.

Square Enix Finally Updates Chrono Trigger. Not Quite The Visuals You Expected, Huh
However it appears that all is not lost. Square Enix promise to fix and polish the game with a new and much needed update! I guess we all saw this coming really, as Square aren't exactly a shoddy company. What I'm sure most of us didn't anticipate was the upcoming feature on this new update, which is the option of switching the games graphics from HD remastered to the original. In a recent news post on Steam, Square Enix stated:

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all of your feedback, patience and support so far.

We have been working on addressing the issues that you’ve raised, and will be releasing a number of patches over the coming months as we continue to support CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam.

We’re aiming to release the first of these patches in the first half of April, and the biggest change is that it will include an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics, and the original graphical style of CHRONO TRIGGER.

We’ll post a full list of changes here when the first patch is released. For now, be assured that we’re working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam.

As CHRONO TRIGGER is going to receive patches over the coming months, we are going to extend the availability of the Limited Edition until:
5PM, April 30th BST / 9AM, April 30th PDT

Thanks again from all of us on the CHRONO TRIGGER team.

It's good to know that such a large company takes the time to address the consumers and while his may seem expected, a lot of the time companies just don't listen to us. You can purchase the game on Steam for 14,99€. Would this update make you change your mind and purchase the game? If everything was sorted in this update, would this be the best way to experience Chrono Trigger? Let us know what you think!


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  1. They’re not taking the time to address customers concerns, they basically got blasted on the internet for putting out a half assed release of the best game in their catalog. The game sold like garbage Cuz everyone trashed it. Now they’re looking to recoup their funds by adding features that should have already been there. Great, graphics changes.. What about the horribly gameplay?


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